Memorial Places – Where to find a Crew Member’s memorial

 Most of the crew members names can be found recorded at Chatham, Portsmouth and Plymouth Naval Memorials, some are also recorded nearer to home. However 4 men are buried in Lerwick and in Fredrikstad, Norway. (if you click on the link below the places mentioned below you will find information about each place. A link next to a name will take you to another memorial where they are recorded)

Plymouth Naval Memorial – 29th July 1924

Bell, John Edward
Hancock, Isaac
Teear, Thomas Edward
Toms, Frederick James

Portsmouth Naval Memorial – 15th October 1924

Chambers, Arthur John Askew
Clark, John
Clarke Alexander Alfred Cairo
Dann, Leonard Edward
Lever, Cyril Harry
Luff, Henry James
Ogilvie, Francis Hay
Robinson, Alfred George
Simmons, Robert

Chatham Naval Memorial – 26th April 1924

Aspland, William Bertie Hibble, Douglas Charles
Avery, Henry Hills, Henry John
Barclay, Ivan Curror Christie Holewell, James J
Barraclough, Dennis Hammond Honeysett, Frederick John
Bass, Henry William Houston Thomas T
Bavin, Anthony James Ingram, John
Blackwood, William John Jane, Sydney Edgar
Bolton, Arthur Stanley King, Thomas John
Bolton, Thomas William Knight, Frederick Charles
Bowden, Henry George Lainchbury, William
Bright, Albert Edward Lowe, Bertie B
Brown, Thomas Marks, Richard
Cains, John Reuben Milligan, Hailton Harries
Carss/Carse Daniel Elliott Moir, Archibald Douglas
Caseman, James Albert Muggleton, Reginald Samuel
Clarke Frederick William O’Neill, Harry John
Cleghorn, William Howie Paton, George Turner
Clissold, Henry Joseph Pavitt, Frederick Benjamin
Collett, Frederick James Perkins, Robert Ernest
Coxon, Ernest William Perry, Herbert James
Crowhurst, Archie Arthur Philo, Charles John
Duffy, Alexander Thomas Polwarth, William
Dymond, Joseph C Prest, Alfred
Fairweather, Jack Ryan Reed, Alfred
Fox, Charles Leonard Richards, John J
French, Albert Edward Ryan, Edward Christopher
Gill, Cyril Bertram Leonard Sedge, William Alfred
Glyn, Herbert Charles Smalley, Harry
Grant, Charles Harry Spencer, Alfred Henry
Griffin, Harry John Sugden, Thomas Edward
Hayward, William Summerville, Richard R
Healds, Frederick F Walker, Albert Ernest
Hepworth, Joseph Arnold Leslie Whiting, Arthur Sidney
Wooster, Albert Edward

Fredrikstad, Norway

Holden, Alfred
Ward, Charles Ernest

Lerwick, Shetland

Dover, Henry Joseph
Elmer, Albert Charles



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