The Catalysts of my One-Name Study – Thomas Edward Teear

I joined the Guild of One-Names Studies in November 2012 after having attended a Maritime Seminar at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich which was being organised by the Guild and was open/as always to non-members. Thomas Edward Teear was the catalyst for my actions. Having found out about him in my own Family History research, that he was involved in a devastating attack in the North See during WWI involving a convoy of Merchant ships, HMS Mary Rose and HMS Strongbow and two German light cruisers SS Bremse and Brummer.

Finding there was little on the web about this, at the time. I was contacted by a lady in Canada Kristen Den Hartog (an author, who was doing some research for a new book she was working on as her grandmother’s brother was one of only 10 men who had survived the attack). So we joined forces and together with her sister Tracy Den Hartog Kasaboski, started to research the story and whole crew of HMS Mary Rose in order to find out as much as we could and make connections with Living family. This resulted in masses of data being collected and many contacts who were also interested in the story of HMS Mary Rose. In 2013 Kristen, Tracy and I met up at the National Archives in Kew, London to look at some official records in relation to the attack on the convoy.

I wanted to do ‘Something’ to remember the events of the 17th October 2017 in my own way and pay my respects to ALL the men who died in the attack by SS Bremse and Brummer.

For this reason, I started the HMS Mary Rose WW1 100th Anniversary project. The following pages are dedicated to the men of HMS Mary Rose

‘In Remembrance’ of their courage & ultimate sacrifice and will include information, stories and photo’s, on the immediate family of the crew members, links to the story, links to related websites and other projects (including the initiative by the Imperial War Museum ‘Livesofthefirstworldwar’)


HMS Mary Rose WW1 100th Anniversary Event Plans

This event is being organised to bring together relatives of the Crew who lost their lives fighting for their country and the survivors of the days events and to ‘Remember Them’ on this 100th anniversary.

The event will start on the 13th of October with a round trip by myself visiting the Naval memorials at Plymouth, Portsmouth and finishing at Chatham. In each case the event will start at 11am with a Roll Call of ALL the men who served on HMS Mary Rose, on this ill-fated mission, then the Wreath laying. Afterwards there will be Tea & Cake for the attendees of the event as a Thank You for attending.

(see links below for location details. If you clink on the map tab on the CWGC site, you will see how easy it is to find the memorial)

Plymouth Naval memorial

The following day, I will travel to Portsmouth where there will be a Wreath Laying on the 15th October 11am (as above)

Portsmouth Naval memorial:

Then I shall be travelling to Chatham for the 17th where the final Wreath Laying Event will take place at 11am (as previously).

Chatham Naval Memorial:

Feel Free to leave a comment and if you would like to contribute to these pages in any way please contact me at:


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I was born a Air Force baby in Germany and spent my childhood moving to and from England to various locations around the world. I never felt I had a place I could truly call home. My interest in family history began as a 11 year old returning to England and having my friends ask me 'where do you come from' I couldn't really answer this. I knew of my Baldwin grandparents and a couple of my father's aunts, but rarely saw then enough to build a relationship with them. It wasn't until later in life when I had to apply for a passport and I had to provide information about my parents etc that I realised it was about time I found out a bit more about my family. So my quest began.

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