DNA Project – What I’m hoping to achieve!!!

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As I have said in the website introduction, the main reasons I have included the variants Tear, Teare & Teer in my one-name study, is because these are the names some of the Leicestershire Teear’s were recorded as in Birth, Marriage and Death registrations, so they are not transcriptions errors, just mis-recorded on occasion.

I soon discovered that in both Leicestershire and the surrounding counties of Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire & Bedfordshire there were many of occurrences of the names Tear, Teare & Teer, are these related to the Leicestershire Teear lines? in comparison the Teear name is the least common, not only in Leicestershire, but globally.

As I have pretty much covered off these Teear family members, I don’t really need to do much Dna testing on these to find if they have a link, but to possibly link them with the other variant names, this could be a valuable tool. This is why I have started the Teear ONS Dna project using Family Tree Dna.

Highlight the link below and right click, to go to the Teear ONS Dna Project.