Framework Knitting

Framework Knitting Museum, Ruddington Nottinghamshire England

Museum Entrance
A very old Frame Work Knitting Machine








The Museum is set in a courtyard in the village in it’s original location off Chapel Street and consists of the Video Room & Griswold Workshop, The Frame Workshop and Disney Room, Coal Store, Privies, Ash Pit and Pigsty, The Herb Garden and Water Pump, The Wash House, The Cottages (managers & workers) and the Methodist Chapel, built by the original workshop owner John Parker for the workers.

Vernon Disney Machine Workshop


The Courtyard
Manager’s Cottage and Workers Cottage









Circular Knitting Machine
Workshop Knitting Machine
Vernon H Cooper Machine








Framework Knitting Machine used at workers homes

The machines used at home, were a lot smaller and lighter, the sheer weight of a workshop machine would have caused considerable damage to a workers home. Hence they were only able to work on one item at a time, on a workshop machine, you would work 3 pieces at one, saving you time, but costing more as you would have had to have paid extra fees. Machines nearer to the window cost more than machines on the other side of the room.

The Framework knitting museum was stillĀ in production in the late 1920’s.


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