Teear 1939 Registers

Teear 1939 Registers


Examples of Teear records in the 1939 England & Wales Register can be seen below:

Arthur E, Ellen N, Arthur O Teear 1939 Registers


Walter, Mabel L, Arthur W, George W Teear 1939 Registers

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I was born a Air Force baby in Germany and spent my childhood moving to and from England to various locations around the world. I never felt I had a place I could truly call home. My interest in family history began as a 11 year old returning to England and having my friends ask me 'where do you come from' I couldn't really answer this. I knew of my Baldwin grandparents and a couple of my father's aunts, but rarely saw then enough to build a relationship with them. It wasn't until later in life when I had to apply for a passport and I had to provide information about my parents etc that I realised it was about time I found out a bit more about my family. So my quest began.