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Working with Mike Teare who runs the Teare & Sons, Sailmakers & Ship Chandlers site at we have joined forces to create a Memorial Page on Mike’s site.

Working together we have gathered information relating to Teare men who served and died during WW1.

You can find out about this via this link and discover more on the men listed below

Thomas William Teare 1883 – 1914

James Percival Teare 1896 – 1915

Thomas Arthur Teare 1889 – 1915

William Burgoyne Teare 1894 – 1916

Frank Teare 1889 – 1917

Frederick William Teare 1877 – 1917

James Garrett Teare 1888 – 1917

John Stewart Teare 1893 – 1917

Richard Edward Teare 1886 – 1917

Philip Norman Teare 1892 – 1917

Herbert Douglas Teare 1897 – 1918

Robert Killip Teare 1891 – 1918

Charles Henry Teare 1895 – 1918

Wilfred Kneale Teare 1896-1919

We are also remember the men and women who served and returned from the war. Who gave as much as the Fallen of WW1 and who lived with the horrors of what they witnessed and ensured for the rest of their lives.

Albert Teare – Royal Navy 1st /Class Stoker (SS104316)
Albert Teare – Labour Corps/Private (452461)
Alfred Teare – 5th Battalion Boarder/Regiment Private (31526)
Alfred Teare – Royal Garrison Artillery/ Gunner (67577)
Alfred Teare – Royal Guernsey Light Infantry/Army Service Corps/ Private (1987)
Alfred Teare – Manchester Regiment, Army Service Corps/Gunner
(5806 – S/454142)
Alfred C Teare – Machine Gun Corps/ Acting Sgt (30374)
Alfred Frederick Teare – 10th Scottish King’s Liverpool, 4 LN Lancashire/Private
Alfred (Thomas) Teare – Royal Guernsey Light Infantry/Army Service Corps/Private (1987)
Arnold Maxwell Teare – Royal Field Artillery, Prince of Wales’s Own (West Yorkshire) Regiment Bomber/2nd Lieut (1441/775333)
Charles (Frederick) Teare – 16th Battalion Liverpool Regiment/ Private (26941)
Charles Teare – Army Ordinance Corps/Private (9295)
Charles Teare – Army Service Corps/Private (M2/104956)
Charles Joseph Teare – Royal Navy/Able Seaman (116019)
Cyrus Teare – The King’s (Liverpool) Regiment/Cpl (1922, 2653454)
Daniel Teare – The King’s (Liverpool) Regiment/Private (16071)
Daniel Teare – Gen S Boarder Regiment/Private (11168)
Daniel Teare – Royal Engineers Spec Bde Dep/Pioneer (83679)
Daniel Teare – Northumberland Fusiliers, Labour Corps/Private (1227/598230)
Daniel E Teare – Black Watch (Royal Highlanders), Royal Engineers/Private (12368/129153)
E Teare – Royal Army Medical Corps/ Private (8734/1976)
Edgar Teare – Leicestershire Regiment/Cpl (3235, 241051)
Edward G (Gibson) Teare – Manchester Regiment, Labour Corps/Private (3246/604404)
Edward John Teare – Army Service Corps/Private (44141)
Edwin Teare – Royal Field Artillery/Cpl (930528)
Ernest Teare – The King’s (Liverpool) Regiment/Private (24794)
Ernest E C Teare – Cheshire Regiment, South Wales Borderers/Private (33770/42105)
Frederick Teare – Labour Corps/Private (132404)
Frederick Lewis Teare – RAF (Service Number 26470)
Frederick William Teare – Royal Engineers/Cpl (70423)
Frederick William Teare – Royal Engineers/Sapper (1205)
George Teare – Royal Engineers/Sapper/Sgt (104702, WR/500521)
George Teare – Prince of Wales’s Volunteers (South Lancashire) Regiment/Private (29513)
George Killick Teare – The King’s (Liverpool) Regiment, Army Service Corps/Private (K/13738, M/354478)
Goldsmith Teare – Royal Army Ordinance Corps/Private (028119)
Harold Teare – Grenadier Guards/ (3239)
Harold Stanley Teare – The Cheshire Yeomanry Earl of Chester, Shropshire Light Infantry/Private (1623, 230918)
Harold Thomas Teare – Coldstream Guards/Private (22187)
Harry James Teare – Manchester Regiment, 1/8 Manchester Regiment/Cpl (649)
Herbert Geoffrey Teare – Royal Navy/ Engine Room Artificer (M28746)
Horace Teare – Royal Garrison Artillery/Gunner (125899)
J Teare – Royal Army Medical Corps/Major (141)
James Teare – Boarder Regiment (6853)
James Teare – The King’s (Liverpool) Regiment/Private (36131)
James Teare – Royal Warwickshire Regiment/Cpl (30038)
James A Teare – Cheshire Regiment, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers/Private (28687/48708)
James O Teare – Royal Engineers/Cpl (870, 70422)
John Teare – 1st Battalion 3rd Reg of Foot the Buffs/Private (3489)
John Teare – Royal Field Artilery/ (105)
John Teare – Irish Guards/Private (12644)
John Teare – 4/5th 45th Welsh Regiment/The King’s (Liverpool) Regiment/Private (30364/49882)
John Albert Teare – 12th Manchester Regiment/Private (59056)
John C Teare – Coldstream Guards/Cpl (14222)
John E Teare – Army Service Corps/Private (S4/125804)
John E S Teare – 8th London/Private-Rifleman (376013)
John E Teare – 18th Battalion ‘the Kings’ (Liverpool Regiment)
John Gordon Teare – 4th Battalion Lancashire Regiment/Cpl (3243)
John H Teare – Royal Field Artillery/Dr ((TF)695735, 281398)
John James Teare – The King’s (Liverpool) Regiment/Private (18041)
John S Teare – Labour Corps/Private (497787LC)
John T Teare – Royal Garrison Artillery/Bomber (77153)
John T Teare – Cheshire Regiment/Private (33747)
John W Teare – Royal Engineers/Sapper (288211)
Joseph Teare – The King’s (Liverpool) Regiment/Cpl (3703/201367)
Joseph E Teare – The King’s (Liverpool) Regiment/ Gordon Highlanders/Private (97064, S/44221)
Lowia/Lewis Teare – Royal Navy/Officer’s Steward (F32328)
Oscar Teare – Royal Scots Fusiliers/Private (43427)
Percy Teare – 2nd Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment/ (4470)
Philip Teare – King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment/Private (49108)
Phillip Teare – AFA/Lieutenant
Philip Edward Teare – Royal Marine Light Infantry (3106)
Robert Alfred Teare – Army Service Corps/Cpl (T3/022846)
Robert Victor Teare – Royal Engineers/Lieu Major
Robert William Teare – Cheshire Regiment/Private (L/Cheshire 11763/58408)
Sidney Teare – The King’s (Liverpool) Regiment/Labour Corps/Private
(70012, 45437)
Sydney Philip Teare – Rhodesia Native Regiment/Sgt (1213)
T O Teare – Royal Engineers/Sapper (870/70422)
Thomas Teare – Army Service Corps/Private (17515)
Thomas Teare – Northumberland Fusiliers/Private (471)
Thomas Teare – The King’s (Liverpool) Regiment/Sgt (21981)
Thomas Teare – ASC 2/Labour Corps S2/Private (S2/017515)
Thomas A Teare – East Lancashire Regiment, King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry/ Private (20272/76837)
Thomas Albert Teare – Cheshire Regiment/ Private (Lance Corporal)
Thomas C Teare – Hertfordshire Yeomanry, Princess Charlotte of Wales’s (Royal Berkshire) Regiment/Private- Acting Corporal (22525, 43748)
Thomas E Teare – Royal Fusiliers/Private (GS/82534)
Thomas Herbert Teare – The Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment), Royal Engineers, Royal Engineers/Private (20595, WR/254590, 20598)
Thomas Henry Teare – Royal Engineers/Cheshire Regiment/Cpl (106180)
Thomas Henry Teare – Royal Navy/ Ordinary Seaman (J58426)
Thomas Henry Teare – Royal Navy/ Special Trawler Reserves (L/2136)
W H Teare – Royal Field Artillery/Gunner (L/2136)
Walter Teare – Royal Field Artillery/Cpl ((TF)836647, 133160)
Walter E Teare – The King’s (Liverpool) Regiment, Royal Army Medical Corps/Private (8734/1976)
William Teare – Manchester Regiment, South Wales Borderers/Private
William A Teare – Royal Garrison Artillery/Gunner (77241)
William C Teare – Machine Gun Corps/Private (57946)
William H Teare – The King’s (Liverpool) Regiment, Labour Corps/Private
(62258, 49016)
William John Teare – 5th Border Regiment/ (4194)

Why not explore Mike’s site for some fascinating stories and information of the business set up by the Teare family on the Isle of Man.

As well as gathering the names, dates of birth, places of birth, their parents and military service records, we have been able to include much more detailed information relating the the families of all the men who gave their lives in the Great War.

We welcome any additional information, including corrections and photo’s if you have any. Please either contact Mike at http://mike@teareandsons.comor myself at

I will be exploring similar instances within the study names, Teear, Tear, Teare, Teer amd McTear in later posts.

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