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As I have said in the website introduction, the main reasons I have included the variants Tear, Teare & Teer in my one-name study, is because these are the names some of the Leicestershire Teear’s were recorded as in Birth, Marriage and Death registrations, so they are not transcriptions errors, just mis-recorded on occasion.

I soon discovered that in both Leicestershire and the surrounding counties of Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire & Bedfordshire there were many of occurrences of the names Tear, Teare & Teer, are these related to the Leicestershire Teear lines? in comparison the Teear name is the least common, not only in Leicestershire, but globally.

As I have pretty much covered off these Teear family members, So don’t really need to do much DNA testing on these to find if they have a link, but to possibly link them with the other variant names, this could be a valuable tool. This is why I have started the Teear ONS DNA project using Family Tree DNA.

We have already made a connection between a Teear with Leicestershire origins and a Tear with Northamptonshire origins. Also a US Teer with a Teare with Manx (Isle of Man) origins, it is important for the study to keep finding these variant connections.

As the project has progressed over the years many people with a surname in the study have benefited immensely by being involved with the study and made great progress with their own family history, either having connected via this website or by joining the study Facebook group (just put the study surnames in the search box to find us) or by connecting with me via the Research Tree on Ancestry TEEAR, TEAR, TEARE, TEER AND McTEAR.

Click on the link below and right click, to go to the Teear ONS DNA Project. to learn more about it:



UPDATE: The Project’s Dna study, now has over 20 members who have taken YDNA test with many of them also doing a Family Finder test and some, both male and female members who have connections with any of the study surnames.

You are welcome to join the study DNA project if you have already tested or after you have purchased a kit and want to join the group.

Below is a link where you can request to join the project:


As this project is registered with the Guild of One-name studies, it benefits from being able to offer YDNA kits at a reduced rate from the standard costs found at Family Tree DNA site and even when they have promotional rates, just contact me to see if you can save a little on your kit.

In the meantime, I continue to learn more about DNA Testing and how it can help with the TEEAR One-name Study and help people to continue to make more DISCOVORIES in their own family history journeys.