The TEEAR ONS project is on the move, 2019 is the launch of the TEEAR ONS ROADSHOW which is kicking off on the Isle of Man on April 19th – 25th. Having made two failed attempts to visit the island, where many Manx variants of the surname originate.

The TEEAR ONS has been running for quite a few years now, since 2012 during which time the project has progressively developed & evolved into a very comprehensive study of the surnames TEEAR, TEAR, TEARE, TEER & McTEAR to find out if there are links between the spellings of these surnames though both traditional research & by the use of DNA testing.

The study has involved  a massive amount of data collection across the globe as this is a worldwide study of the surnames.

A great number of family tree reconstructions have been created and a lot of connections made to folk with any of the study surnames in their family history.

Our Facebook community is increasingly growing, being the ideal place for study members to connect without clogging up other groups pages with our ‘Talk’, but nothing beats getting ‘Out and About’ meeting and greeting folk, talking about their TEAR/TEARE surname connections, origins and stories. This combined with the chance to do ‘On-Island’ research and explore the islands heritage, is a opportunity not to missed.


IOMFHS Library, Peel Sat 20th April 12noon – 16:30 pm


the Manx Heritage museum on 24th & 25th 10am- 5pm (I shall be in the Reading Room and we can move to the Café to have a chat)


teear@one-name.org or churchsue@ymail.com


PM me via the IOMFH FB Group Page

Just look for my T-shirt and bags as I move around the island



Looking forward to Meeting You!!!